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Heritage Breed Turkeys

It’s time! Reserve a delicious pasture-raised heritage turkey for your holiday!


How it works:

Simply click on the tab above to reserve your turkey. We ask for a $50 deposit which secures your reservation then collect the balance when you pick up. We offer 3 size ranges: Small (8-12lbs), Medium (13-17lb) and Large (18-23lbs), you are guaranteed a size within your range. Then the weekend before Thanksgiving (November 23 & 24) between 10-4, you come to the farm to pick up your holiday turkey. Those two days the farm is open to the public (for turkey reservations and non-turkey reservations) complete with a big farm stand with our products and other local farms (veggies, tinctures, pottery, flowers, meats), apple pressing, apple cider doughnuts, and animals to visit!

Our turkeys:

This is our sixth season raising Heritage Turkeys for the holidays. Over the last 5 years, we've worked with these breeds: Blue Slate, Bourbon Red, Midget White and Standard Bronze breeds. This year we developed a relationship with an experienced Northern California turkey breeder, Bill Niman. This new relationship gave us an incredible source for healthy, strong and beautiful poults (turkey chicks). We are currently raising 250 Standard Bronze, Narragansett, Spanish Black and a few White Hollands all of which were hatched just a few hours from the farm and arrived here that same afternoon!

Turkeys are truly magnificent (and entertaining!) creatures to watch grow. They are constantly echoing any sound they hear (in unison), from motorcycles driving by to a sneeze or a baby yell. We move their house every other day while they have anywhere from 4,000 - 8,000 square feet to roam within their electric fence. They really thrive being outside on our pastures and do an incredible job foraging.

Similar to their heritage chicken friends, heritage turkeys grow at a slow and normal rate (27 weeks!) and finish with an even distribution of meat in the breast and legs. The slow growth means absolutely incredible flavor! The conventional breeds ‘Broad Breasted White’ and ‘Broad Breasted Bronze’ are bred to grow much faster (16-18 weeks) and finish with huge breasts but way less flavor. The slow growth rate makes for a healthy animal growing as it was intended, and also creates amazingly delicious meat.

Our just-hatched turkey poults arrived the first week of May. They are now outside on our pastures, growing slowly for 27 weeks until November for Thanksgiving and other winter holidays!  Reserve yours NOW!