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Heritage Breed Turkeys

Turkey reservations begin on September 1, 2018. Click below to reserve your delicious pasture-raised heritage breed holiday turkey!


This is our fifth season raising Heritage Turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Over the last 4 years, we've worked with Blue Slate, Bourbon Red, Midget White and Standard Bronze breeds, but have settled on raising the glorious Standard Bronze exclusively.

Why, you ask? They are truly magnificent (and entertaining!) creatures to watch grow and really thrive being outside on our pastures. And equally important, the ‘Standard Bronze’ have incredible flavor and are less lean then other heritage breeds (mmm, fat!).

Similar to their heritage chicken friends, heritage turkeys grow at a slow and normal rate (27 weeks!) and finish with an even distribution of meat in the breast and legs. The conventional breeds ‘Broad Breasted White’ and ‘Broad Breasted Bronze’ are bred to grow much faster (18 weeks) and finish with huge breasts but way less flavor. The slow growth rate makes for a healthy animal growing as it was intended, and also creates amazingly delicious meat.

Our day-old ‘Standard Bronze’ turkey poults arrived the first week of May. They are now outside on our pastures, growing slowly for 27 weeks until November for Thanksgiving and other winter holidays!  Reserve yours NOW!