We've been a little busy

Theres a list of things I wish I was better at... stretching, drinking water, building things, playing badminton, and writing blogs.  Some of these more than others, but writing these blog posts are something that easily float to the bottom of the long list of things to do.  Its mid-September and I'd love to say that the season is winding down but we've got a few more full months ahead of us.  I am, however, beginning to feel the subtleties of fall all around, and with that some relief.  The leaves starting to yellow, the sunlight waining, the apples ripening, the crisp nights.  Bring it, fall.

As far as whats been happening at the farm??  Oh so much!  We have hosted some great tours from Bi-Rite SF, CUESA, Slide Ranch, Hidden Villa, and regular trips from the Girl Scout camp up the road.  The turkeys are growing big and doing their turkey escape routine at least 3 times a day.  Our livestock guardian dogs, Bunny and Mamie, are maturing into great nighttime protectors and yet giant softies when it comes to humans.  We've taken on more farmers markets this year, which helps with business and in getting our products into more hands and bellies.  We've tried a few different heritage breeds of ducks this year and have yet to settle on one that makes sense from start to finish.  Fingers crossed we have two pregnant sows who will move into the barn for the winter (with their piglets!).  After a lot of back and forth and checking my moral compass, we decided to raise a new breed of chicken this year, the Red Ranger (head over to "Our Products" page to read more about them).  We had a great year collaborating with the folks who sublease here; Steadfast Herbs, Fly Girl Farm and LeftCoast Grass-fed.  The apple orchard had a great growing year, just two more until we get some fruit!  The barn has been an unbelievable game changer to the farm - thank you POST!  We are about to complete a grant project from the NRCS to install a 1000 foot native plant hedgerow to increase biodiversity and beneficial creatures on the farm.  A very generous and anonymous donor has donated a 10kw solar collection system to be installed on the barn roof in just a few weeks!  And finally on a personal note, my partner and I expecting a baby this coming spring!

Thats just a little bit of what we've been doing this year.

we're tired.  but proud.  and well fed.  and excited for whats ahead.

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