August is here.. and the drought is real.

Its true, its August.  Its warm, its incredibly dry, the naked ladies are blooming (flowers!) our animals are growing up, and we are tan and tired.  

We are 100% dependent on Little Butano creek for all of our domestic and agricultural water, and it is very low.  We are making back-up plans for our animals and ourselves as we face its inevitable drying-up.  This is real, people, this is not just something we talk about anymore.  A big reason to why we are raising animals and not growing any crops this year is due to the drought, and here it is.  We are happy we made those decisions in the winter to hold back and not plant anything.  This is important for this year and also as we look ahead and plan for the future.

In other great news, we just completed the third week of our chicken share, and are proud and happy to see them looking as good and delicious as ever!  Our new Animal Welfare Approved swag arrived in the mail, so now we proudly have their sticker above our sweet label, looking quite perfect.  

We just finished building our last chicken coop of this year.  Its a welded structure on top of a flat bed trailer then covered with galvanized roofing and chicken wire.  This batch of chickens are living it up in their new condo, and just moved in last night.  

Our 100 heritage 'Bronze' turkeys are settling into their new coop as well and have A LOT to say about it.  'Tiny Tim' with his hurt foot was just re-introduced to the rest of the flock as is doing much better.  We are excited to have four more months with these creatures as they make us laugh a lot.

The pigs are growing and growing.  We have loads of veggie scraps from Blue House Farm, apples from a local orchard, spent brewers grain from HWY 1 Brewery, and pasture to keep them happily fed.  We have sold almost all of the 15 as whole hogs and are just a few weeks away from processing the first three.  

Okay, enough words.. look through the pictures, they say it better.

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