Our Pasture-Raised Products

Learn about what meats we raise and why. Buy them at these Bay Area Farmer's Markets!

Whole packaged chickens

Heritage 'Delaware' Meat Chickens

You can find whole chickens, breasts, legs, wings and all the parts (feet, heads, livers, hearts, necks) at these Farmer's Markets.

If you find yourself in Pescadero, schedule a time to purchase right here from the farm.

What is so great about heritage meat chickens, and why should you eat them? Read on!


Red Ranger MEAT Chickens

That's right, we strayed from the all-heritage-all-the-time way in which the farm began. Red Rangers are a slower growing meat chicken, but not a heritage breed. The biggest differences between the two are the rate of growth (Rangers grow in 10-12 weeks, heritage birds in about 16 weeks) and the way in which they cook.  Heritage birds appeal to some people who want a full flavor chicken and want to cook it slow and low while Red Rangers appeal to folks who want to do a simple roast or grill without a lot of preparation.

Now both breeds are available at all our Farmer's Markets!

Pekin Duck


We originally raised flocks of heritage breed 'Saxony', 'Silver and White Appleyard', and 'Rouen' ducks with mixed success. Our goal was to have all of the pieces: heritage breed, relatively calm demeanor, and delicious flavor. We have since let go of raising heritage ducks and raise a Pekin cross. The reasonings behind this would warrant an entire essay, but factors like access to processors, trickiness of waterfowl feathers, and customer demand for larger duck breasts are just some. Ducks fit well into our systems as they are incredible foragers with great personalities, not to mention delicious meat and incredible fat! 

Whole ducks are currently available at all of our Farmer's Markets.

Pork chops

Heritage Pigs

This year we are featuring the following breeds:  Berkshire, Berkshire X Cinta, and Mulefoot X Old Spot x Hampshire. We still have our Berkshire X Hampshire sow, Betty and hope to raise a few more to continue growing our breeding program. Pigs are incredible animals, super sweet and smart and bring so much entertainment to each day.

All cuts are available at the Ferry Plaza Market, West Side Santa Cruz, Mission Community Market, and Half Moon Bay Market.

 Interested in a whole or half hog? Email us!

Thanksgiving Turkey

Heritage Thanksgiving Turkeys

This year we are exclusively raising the heritage breed 'Standard Bronze' Turkey's. They are wonderful curious creatures and make for the most delicious Thanksgiving turkey, with just the right amount of fat. Turkey poults (baby turkeys) will arrive in May and grow slow until Thanksgiving.

Pre-order your holiday Turkey HERE starting September 1, 2019!