Our Local Community

We recognize and appreciate the many members of our farming community that have supported and assisted us throughout each year. This also gives us the opportunity to highlight the many growers, organizations, and individuals you can support in the Pescadero area. We wouldn't be here without their help.

Fly Girl Farm

Another awesome women-run farm in Pescadero, owners and operators Airielle and Kaeleigh are known for their delicious vegetables, beautiful flower arrangements and impeccable style. We are excited to be subleasing 1.5 acres to Fly Girl for the 2017 growing season and to have their energy surround us! Find their products and their stylish selves at the Pescadero Farmers Market and the College of San Mateo Farmers Market.

Pie Ranch

Pie Ranch cultivates a healthy and just food system from seed to table through food education, farmer training, and regional partnerships. Dede worked here for 2 years in 2008 and 2009, and ever since then Nancy and Jered and their two kids Lucas and Rosa have been instrumental in supporting us and our vision. Check out their website for their many events and workshops and go visit their awesome farmstand at 2080 Cabrillo Highway on Thursday & Friday, 12–6 pm and Saturday & Sunday, 10am–6pm.

Fifth Crow Farm

Now in its 8th growing season, Fifth Crow Farm is the just up the road from us, which has been great in terms of equipment borrowing and lending each other a hand when its inevitably needed. They were a huge help in getting us started the first two years by offering our chickens through their CSA.  They grow a beautiful diversity of row crops, flowers, apples, and laying hens on 80 acres.  You can find their produce in many bay area Farmers Markets and through their CSA.

Double Dog Ranch

Gene and Donna are some of the sweetest, most generous people out here, and we could not have started our farm without their support. They live about 2 miles up the road, and have many great resources that they are willing to share, including a fully stocked workshop, tractors, implements, and local knowledge. Wonderful people to sit down and have the best cup of tea with also.

Markegard Family Grass-Fed

Markegard Family Grass-Fed provides the community with locally born, raised and processed certified grass-fed beef and lamb, and pasture raised pork and dairy. They manage their herd according to holistic planned grazing principles, keeping the cows moving through an area quickly so as to not over-graze it, but instead help keep the grassland healthy.  Among other land around our area, they graze their cattle just over the ridge from us on the remainder of Cloverdale Ranch.

Echo Valley Farm

A gorgeous and diverse 'farmstead' in Loma Mar, California. Kate and Jeff Haas started production on their little 'stead with Dede managing their animal and crop production from 2011 until 2013. They raise dairy goats, chickens, and ducks, and grow mixed vegetables and fruit. You can see them at the new Loma Mar store (opening Fall of 2016). They have been instrumental in helping us get off the ground with their generosity and never ending support.

Everett Family Farm

Located in Soquel, Everett grows a wide variety of organic fruits, vegetables, flowers and berries, as well as pastured eggs. One of their main "crops" however, is the farmers that are trained there. They have acted as an incubator farm for the past decade, offering a ready-made farm for people to step in, and in a low-risk environment, learn what it takes to farm. Check out their honor system farmstand on Old San Jose Road in Soquel, about 15 minutes south of Santa Cruz. 

Farmegeddon Farm & Equipment

Chuck, a Pescadero native, and Christine Harper have been farming for over 20 years. Chuck’s mom, Elta was one of the first organic farmers in the county before it became 'certified'. Their beautiful 40 acre farm is surrounded by Big Basin State Park where they grow mixed vegetables, and raise chickens, ducks, geese, pigs (for sale!) and angus calfs. Chuck was a mechanic for Campinotti Artichoke Ranch in Pescadero for over 10 years and is the man for tractor repair or farm land use advice. Their daughter, Julia, will be Dr. Harper in 2017 when she graduates from vet school to serve the coast communities large (and small) animals.

Potrero Nuevo Farm

Potrero Nuevo Farm is committed to sustainable agriculture, fair accessibility to food and ecological land management. The majority of the harvest is donated to the community through The Catholic Worker of Half Moon Bay and Puente de la Costa in Pescadero. They also host a U-Pick Club for local families and offer farm tours to community groups.

Steadfast Herbs

At Steadfast Herbs, we make herbal medicine to provide preventative and holistic care for our communities while also caring for the plants and places that tend to us. We grow our medicinal plants using organic farming practices right here at Root Down Farm. We offer a seasonal Herbal CSA in many Bay Area locations, provide an herbal add-on for Fifth Crow Farm's CSA and sell our remedies online and at a number of shops. Find out more at steadfastherbs.com

Leftcoast Grassfed

LeftCoast GrassFed Is based out of TomKat Ranch though they also lease other grazing land around Pescadero, including from us. Their beef is 100% grass-fed, grass-finished. LeftCoast is certified American Grassfed Association and Animal Welfare Approved. This certifies that their beef comes from cattle raised on grasses and forages in pasture, not feed lots; no hormones or antibiotics; and were raised humanely from birth to slaughter. We are proud and excited to be collaborating with LeftCoast, both by utilizing their cows for grazing and fertilizing our land and in selling at the Saturday Palo Alto Farmers Market.

Blue House Farm

Blue House Farm is a place that recognizes and nourishes the connection between good food, the natural world and our community. They started right here on this same land and now grow on land in Pescadero and San Gregorio. Their produce keeps getting better and more renowned around the Bay Area. You can find their produce by signing up for their CSA, at many bay area Farmers Markets, and by getting home delivery through Good Eggs.  We also repurpose all of their organic veggie scraps by feeding them to our pigs!

The Willow Farm

Our friends Neil, Alex, and Leyla live right up the road and make beautiful sculptures, fences and other pieces from their various types of willow. They also breed and raise heritage sheep and pigs, and are our source for the beautiful piglets you see so much of on this website!

Early Bird Ranch

Early Bird Ranch is a small, family-run farm in Pescadero, California started in 2010 by ShaeLynn and Kevin Watt. By using production models that emulate natural systems, Early Bird Ranch raises chicken, pork, rabbit, and eggs for the families of San Mateo County and the Bay Area. They have been a huge resource for us over the years, and they are always willing and happy to help. Check out their website to find out where to buy their delicious pastured raised products!

TomKat Ranch

TomKat Ranch is a ranch and educational foundation in Pescadero, focused on providing healthy food on working lands in a way that sustains the planet and inspires others to action.  

LeftCoast Grass-fed is a grass-fed beef operation under the umbrella of Tomkat Ranch.  Among other land in the area, they sublease 50 acres from us which they graze about 2 times a year.  We are also able to utilize the cattle on our 12 acres to help 'mow' the pastures for the poultry and pigs in the spring.  Having ruminants like cattle graze the land in conjunction with our livestock has a multitude of benefits for the pasture and soils.  We also have the pleasure of selling our poultry with LeftCoast at the Saturday Palo Alto Farmers Market May through December.

Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems

CASFS is a research, education, and public service program at the University of California, Santa Cruz, dedicated to increasing ecological sustainability and social justice in the food and agriculture system, and is home to a six-month long residential apprenticeship program that trains around forty new apprentices every year in ecological horticulture. Now in its 48th year, this apprenticeship program is one of the main reasons why the Central Coast has such a high number of organic farmers. We work closely with instructors Orin Martin and Sky DeMuro in planning, planting and maintaining our apple orchard and lives.

Harley Farms

Harley Farms is a passionate advocate of slow food, and is proud to appear at world food events. Nonetheless, their primary mission is to provide food and an experience that is truly sustainable and local for our community and visitors. They won the 2008 San Mateo County Sustainable Business of the Year for the integrity of their water use, diversification, and good citizenry. The success of their cheese reflects the health of their animals and pasture, the diligence of their longstanding staff, and the beauty of their tranquil coastal location. Plus, baby goats!

Peninsula Open Space Trust

POST owns the land we are currently leasing and stewarding, and their mission is to protect and care for open space, farms and parkland in and around Silicon Valley. Since 1977, they have been responsible for saving over 70,000 acres as permanent open space and parkland in San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties. We have worked closely with them in order to co-create a plan that will ensure the successful operation of a farm on this property while taking care of the natural resources with the best practices possible.

Tunitas Creek Ranch

Tunitas Creek Ranch is an organic homestead farm and ranch growing a wide variety of cool weather vegetables plus heirloom apples, pears and plums. We also have laying hens and milking goats. We are currently offering goat milk herdshares.

Their produce can be found at every other HMB farmers market, the Every Day Farm Stands in Menlo Park and Palo Alto, and at Cafe Gibraltar in El Granada and Chez Shea in HMB.


As the region’s only Community Resource Center, Puente serves the San Mateo County South Coast communities of Pescadero, La Honda, Loma Mar, and San Gregorio. Puente both advocates for our communities and leverages resources that foster economic prosperity and security, and that promote individual and community health and wellness. They support local leaders and work together with our neighbors creating solutions for our diverse communities.  Among many other programs, they coordinate the Pescadero Farmers Market, every Thursday from 3-7, starting June 4th in 'downtown' Pescadero.